Come to our free DANVILLE HERITAGE FESTIVAL, this weekend, July 20-22, a unique celebration of our town’s and our region’s history, culture, and traditions that will feature living-history demonstrations, interesting, well-informed speakers, and live music throughout the weekend. In addition to our website at, this blog is interactive: through its comment sections, you can help by participating, giving the advice we need, and getting the information you want about this great festival.

Everyone’s invited!

Friday, July 13, 2018


I just got word that there will be a working telegraph communicating between two locations at Hess Field this Saturday. Festival visitors can come and see, in action, a working telegraph, the great communicator of the nineteenth century!  
Chris Shipe has been leading the effort to create for the festival as many activities for children as possible. Sis Haus has been organizing a great lecture series. Jane VonBlon has managed to pull off what will be a great parade! We have lots of volunteers working hard to make 2018’s one of the best festivals Danville has ever celebrated.

Monday, May 7, 2018

It’s Celebration Time Everyone!


This year’s Danville Heritage Festival is not meant to take the place of Danville’s longtime and very popular Iron Heritage Festival. Rather, I’m organizing volunteers, hoping to preserve a desire for celebration that has become a July tradition in our town. It’s my hope that the festival will serve as a focal point of other community celebrations, open houses, class reunions, block parties this week, July 20, 21, and 22. 
It’s a grassroots effort, and I welcome your participation. If you'd like to offer musical, historical, or other presentations, please reach out to me at and explore the schedule pages above. 

The initial focus will be in the Hess Field recreation venues along Route 54 in Danville, but if we reach a point where the Hess Field schedules become filled to capacity, please consider exploring other local venues. Churches and social organizations that have the facilities may well consider opening their doors to help host heritage activities over the July 20-22 weekend. In addition to the events taking place at Hess Field, the Thomas Beaver Free Library and other locations will have excellent speakers as well. 
If you do plan an event and would like it added to the listings above and on our website, I invite you to send the event’s details to me via the contact information on our website at

Danville and its surrounding area truly enjoy an amazing history. The knowledge and talent of local historians, musicians, and other performers is unparalleled. The community has shown that we want to celebrate this heritage. So I encourage you to please mark your calendar and be a part of this exciting new chapter as we all celebrate the Danville area’s amazing story. This weekend, Danville is where you belong!

After speaking with local historian Sis Hause, I want to embrace health and wellness as much as possible, along with our heritage celebration. With the Geisinger Health System one of our community’s most important institutions, I can’t imagine a more fitting theme. The bicycle path around Hess Field is the oldest rail-trail in the United States. I encourage people to consider walking or biking to Hess Field for the festival.  We want to organize health and fitness events. There are plans to organize a skateboarding and scootering event, a 5K run and walking event, tennis and quoits tournaments – and MORE! – as part of the festival. Embrace this chance to promote health and wellness while celebrating our heritage.